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Substance Abuse Professional

Marty has worked in drug and alcohol treatment for over 30 years. Beginning as a counselor in 1985, he has helped many people begin and sustain their recovery. He has worked as a counselor at the Saint John's Hospital Chemical Dependency Center in Santa Monica, the New Beginnings program at Ojai Valley Community Hospital and the Vista Del Mar Hospital Addiction Medicine Unit in Ventura. Since 1993, Marty has been the Program Director of the Genesis Program, an outpatient treatment facility he co-founded, with locations in Ventura and Thousand Oaks. Marty continues in this role as well as a private counseling practice here at Coastline Christian Counseling.

Marty's areas of specialty are addictions, codependency and relapse prevention. He treats both adults and adolescents. He works with both substance abusers and their families.

Marty also does substance abuse assessments for the courts, often as part of divorce proceedings involving child custody. He is credentialed as a Substance Abuse professional (SAP) to do assessments for the Department of Transportation, making treatment recommendations and establishing return-to-duty criteria for workers in safety-sensitive positions.

Marty is a recovering person himself. He brings to his counseling not only his professional training, but also the experience of walking out his recovery one day at a time. He helps his clients to gain a complete perspective on their recovery, addressing body, soul and spirit. He emphasizes the development of therapeutic relationships – with God, with self and with others.

Marty Lythgoe

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