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Dave Wadman, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dave has been counseling individuals, couples and families since completing his degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena in 2007. His clinical experience has involved working with individuals, adults, couples and families in a variety of settings including private practice, churches, community colleges and high schools.

Dave is passionate about healthy marriages and thriving relationships. He especially enjoys working with couples (dating, engaged, or married couples) and individuals who want assistance in developing and maintaining healthy relationships. Dave uses a collaborative approach to focus on improving relationships through the practical ways people can assertively ask for what they want and need. One step in this process is developing effective communication by allowing others to feel safe and heard, which leads to constructive resolution of conflict.

Dave is a certified facilitator in the use of the Prepare and Enrich Inventory, and recommends couples complete this valuable inventory when working with him. The feedback from this inventory identifies a couple’s strengths and growth areas, giving couples a more clear reflection of their relationship. Exploration and discussion of opinions and feelings about core marital issues more easily take place in order to find agreement, promote understanding and negotiate differences.

Dave also is interested in working with individuals experiencing separation and divorce. As part of this work, he facilitates the Divorce Care Recovery Groups offered at many churches. This complex program has proven to be instrumental in the healing process for many people.

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