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Karen McIntyre, LMFT
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Ministry License

Karen started her work in 1983 with women suffering from trauma and addiction. After eight years of working with this population and experiencing how God restores lives, she decided to become a licensed therapist. She completed her Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology at California Lutheran University in 2005. During her internships and licensure Karen’s scope of practice broadened to include both men and women of all ages, couples, and family counseling.

For five years Karen worked as an intern in a private practice setting and, during three of those five years, she also interned at Ventura Community College. She treated all ages, from children to elderly, working through serious issues which gave them a new perspective and skills to deal with a wide variety of life and relationship challenges. This work included trauma recovery, couples counseling, and transitional skill building and personality development.

Now in private practice as a Licensed Therapist at Coastline Christian Counseling, Karen integrates psychodynamic, cognitive, other prominent systems, as well as EMDR when appropriate, to relieve clients from a variety of life’s problems. In addition to what has already been mentioned, Karen treats family struggles, domestic violence, rape recovery, adults molested as children, drug and alcohol addiction, and healing deep wounds from the past. As an indirect part of therapy, Willow – Karen’s Black Labrador retriever, a trained guide dog – enthusiastically greets clients and remains quietly present during sessions.

Karen says: “When I was beginning to work as a therapist trainee in college, I had a dream that gave direction to what I would do as a therapist. In my dream I was walking through an old Victorian house peering into the different rooms in amazement at how wonderfully and thoughtfully it was built. I heard the phrase “original intent” spoken. I kept exploring the old house and continued to hear the phrase ”original intent” so loudly that I awoke with a start. Impressed by the intensity of the dream, I prayed for understanding. I came to realize that God was directing me, as a professional Christian psychotherapist, to aid clients in discovering their “original intent”. God wanted me to assist them discover how wonderfully He had created them to be, before sin and its effects wounded them. God's promises are to restore us and to give back what the enemy has taken. My goal as a therapist is to guide clients through healing from the past, to find their true identity in Him, and experience a renewed life.”

Karen McIntyre

Contact Karen McIntyre directly at:
(805) 312-3421
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• EMDR Certified

• PTSD, Trauma Recovery

• Couples Counseling

• Depression, Anxiety and
    related issues

• Drug and Alcohol

• Understanding of disabilities

• Family Relationships